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Common HOA Rule violations and Reminders

We have made a list of common rule violations that are covered in the CC&Rís, By-laws, Rules and Regulations. If you are unsure if what you are going to do is acceptable, ask first!  For more details, see the governing documents listed here.

CC&R's Index and downloads
Index and downloads

Index [PDF] of the CC&Rs and Bylaws (If what you are looking for isn't listed in the index or is hard to find, let us know and we'll update it.)

Pool Rules and Pool Information

Weed Control Notice adopted 7-2013 [PDF]

Parking Guidelines adopted 7-2013 [PDF]

Articles of Incorporation [PDF]

Arizona Corporation Commission Records for TCCHOA [azcc.gov] 
Arizona Corporation Commission

Arizona Statutes Title 33, Chapter 16, Planned Communities 

Pima County Code

The following list is paraphrased.  See the referenced document for details.

  • The Architectural Review Committee must approve any exterior changes, additions of structures, sheds, awnings, porch enclosures, screen shades, roll down screen shades, exterior paint color, etc. CC&R 6.3  (Architectural Review Form)

  • If you want to paint the exterior of your home, make sure the colors you pick are an approved color scheme, or get approval from the Board.

  • If you own a home, regardless of whether you live in it or not, these rules apply to you as well as all occupants. You, the owner are responsible for the activities of your renters. CC&R 3.3.2

  • If you Lease your home, you must fill out and submit a Tenant Information Form.(PDF) CC&R 3.3.4

  • Trash and Recycle bins need to be stored out of sight. CC&R 3.14.2

  • Park only on the slab or in the garage. No Parking on the street or in the yard. If you or your guests need to park in the street temporarily, please pull at least half way off the street over the curb to reduce congestion in the streets. CC&R 3.17.1 
    This temporary street parking exception is only for when your garage and slab are full.  Please don't park on the street if there is room on your driveway.

  • No trade or business, except within the garage or house. CC&R 3.2.1

  • Parking of RV's and boats is prohibited.  However, an RV can be parked on your driveway slab up to 24 hours for the propose of loading or unloading. CC&R 3.17.3a

  • No junk or inoperable vehicles except inside an enclosed garage.  CC&R 3.17.4

  • No yard signs except "for sale" / "for rent" signs and political signs as provided by State Statute ARS 33-1808C.  CC&R 3.7

  • No animals except house pets allowed. No more than 2 unless approved by the Board.  No breeding animals of any kind. CC&R 3.08

  • No pets are allowed in the pool areas. CC&R 3.08

  • Don't let your dogs barking become a nuisance CC&R 3.08, and no obnoxious or offensive activity that might disturb the peace quiet or comfort of surrounding occupants is permitted. CC&R 3.09.

  • All lots shall be kept in an attractive, well-kept condition.  
    CC&R 9.1.4, Bylaws 4.14F

  • No unsightly articles which are visible from the street or adjoining homes. 
    CC&R 3.13

  • Pool Rules and Pool Information

As homeowners and residents, your cooperation in following the HOA rules and regulations is appreciated.   Complaint Form (PDF)

NOTE: Many of the documents on this site are in Adobe's PDF format and require Acrobat Reader or another reader capable of supporting PDF formats. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat currently installed on your computer, you can obtain it by clicking the link below to download your free version of this software.


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